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Are You Considering an Office Fit Out, Office Refurbishment or Office Relocation?


“FIRST STEP Contact Whitehead Francis Associates Project Managers and Cost Consultants for all aspects of Office Refurbishment, Office Interior Fit Out, Office Move Management, Relocation Project Management and Modern Office Interior Design.”

Relocating to new premises and fitting them out to your precise requirements- including controlling escalating office fit out costs - is extremely complex by its very nature and can be an overwhelming, even frightening, prospect if attempting to carry out the dual roles of an office fit out manager & relocation project manager as well as carrying on with your regular `day job' at the same time! Some of the questions that may already have arisen could include:-

        • How do I go about creating an accurate outline budget?
        • What are the critical deadlines and how will I meet them?
        • How do I plan, budget, coordinate and implement the required works?
        • Do I know all the mistakes to avoid?
        • How can I be sure I'm not over-paying when all the quotes look the same?
        • How do I avoid employing `cowboys'?
        • How will I unravel the `industry jargon' used by suppliers/contractors?
        • How will I find the time to do all this?
As one beleaguered office fit out manager recently put it "The thousands of decisions facing the average office move manager today resembles a minefield - you simply can't see where the hazards are until you step on them" However, it doesn't have to be like this. By sitting us down at the table - before any major decisions are taken - we would normally expect to be able to find savings of at least 10%-15% on any `normal' office fit out costs with savings of up to 20%, 30%, 40%, or more, once we're fully involved.

How do we do this?

Well, with more than 30 years experience of modern office interior design - with many of those years spent working at the `sharp end' as Interior Office Fit Out & Commercial Office Interior Refurbishment Contractors - including projects for many `blue chip' organisations such as: BT, esure, Heineken, Marks & Spencer, NHS Confederation & Schal , as well as a host of lesser known names - we use our specialist `insider' knowledge to first identify where savings can be made (e.g. multiple mark-ups on sub-contractors & suppliers by main contractors, retrospective `discounts' on furniture from your interior design company, etc.) We then use this information to negotiate the best, most cost effective solutions on behalf of our clients.

Which savings of course more than cover our very modest fees!

Here are just a few of the very complex areas we can take care of for you so you don't fall into the trap of employing `cowboys' or running foul of Health & Safety, DDA and Building Regulations, etc. Allowing you to get on with what you do best - making profits for your own business:
  • Office Space Rental
  • Space Auditing
  • Modern Office Design Layout
  • Furniture, Filing, Storage
  • Access Security, Alarms
  • Health & Safety/CDM/DDA
  • Energy Saving Reports
  • Dilapidations Schedules
  • Commercial Office Space | Office Design Ideas
  • Existing Condition Reports (for attaching to lease)
  • Telephone & Data Planning
  • Lighting and Power
  • HVAC/Plumbing
  • Project Management | Project Monitoring
  • Building Regulations applications/approvals
  • Office Relocation Project Management

With a `million' other things like these to think of - with plenty of room for error if you're trying to manage the office designs yourself as well as all the different sub-trades - is it worth risking blowing the budget or employing `cowboys' (or even losing your job) trying to go it alone?

Clients include many `blue chip' organisations such as BT, esure, Heineken, Marks & Spencer, NHS Confederation & Schal - as well as a host of lesser known names - references available.

For a friendly, helpful chat about how we can help you to avoid the many hidden pitfalls of a business relocation, interior office fit out or full office refurbishment - incorporating the latest modern office design - call us FREE on 0800 458 6578
or email: info@whiteheadfrancis.co.uk


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