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Why Do We Need A Project Manager Anyway?

Isn't an external Project Manager just another layer of cost we could better spend elsewhere on the project?

Well, it depends on the project!

As professional project managers we assume everyone sees a need for a professionally trained or experienced project manager on every office fit-out, refurbishment or office relocation project. It sometimes comes as a shock to find that non project people see a project manager as an unnecessary overhead. Often we need to justify why a project manager should be involved at all.

Here are just a few of the reasons for employing the services of a client-side project manager such as WFA so you can get on with what you do best - making profits for your own business:

Q/ Why should I hire a project manager when I already have an architect?

The responsibilities of a project manager and architect are quite different. A project manager oversees and coordinates all elements of project planning, design and construction to achieve the owner's project objectives. The architect (and/or design team) has a creative and functional responsibility to ensure that the completed design is aesthetically pleasing and meets functional requirements. The project manager and the architect/design team work together with the contractors.

Whilst the project manager and the architect/design team have very different roles, when brought together in a successful team environment they collaboratively deliver a successful project.

Q/ How can an owner's project manager save them money?

Some of the ways WFA can save significant amounts of money for our clients include:

* Looking ahead to anticipate potential problems and initiating timely action to avoid them
* Contractor 'Change Order' review/negotiation
* Expediting building regulations applications/permits
* Negotiating favourable construction contracts
* Steering general contractors to favourable subcontractors
* Resolving project questions quickly and correctly to avoid costly delays in the work.
* Providing confident project leadership
* Serving as an experienced "owner representative" at the weekly construction meetings.
* Being an interested and knowledgeable observer during construction site visits.
* Instilling confidence in the financial lending institution through accurate and current cost accounting and budgetary tracking
* Knowing when to deny unacceptable claims for additional money from contractors
* Knowing when to support fair claims from contractors and/or consultants.
* Maintaining an administrative framework that allows issues to be identified and resolved, quickly - saving time and money.

Q/ When should a project manager be brought into a project?

There are several answers to this question. Basically, the project manager should become a part of your construction planning team when he or she can:

* Assist in the selection of the architect and design consultants;
* Assist in selection of the General Contractor
* Review the architectural plans with the contractor to develop a budget.
* Develop a schedule. Examine cost saving ideas.
* Plan construction site logistics.

In summary, a project manager should be on board well before the facility committee or board volunteers realise they have taken the development of their project as far as their experience and time will allow.

WFA can help with all of these things, and more, to help keep costs and outgoings to an absolute minimum.

Which savings of course more than cover our very modest fees

Clients include many 'blue chip' organisations such as BT, esure, Heineken, Marks & Spencer, National Health Service Confederation & Schal - as well as a host of lesser known names.


Before taking the final plunge - and before it's too late - why not have a brief, no-obligation chat with one of our friendly, knowledgeable experts. Our experienced project managers and cost consultants will not only be able to point you in the right direction from 'Day One', they will also be able to advise on the most cost-effective and efficient means of getting the work done with the least amount of hassle & heartache for you.

No Charge For Initial Consultations! - References available.

For a friendly, helpful chat about how we can help you to avoid the many hidden pitfalls of an office interior fit out, office refurbishment or office relocation call us FREE on:

0800 458 6578 or email: info@whiteheadfrancis.co.uk

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