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Why using a specialist Office Relocation Project Manager for your next office move, office fit out or office refurbishment could save you precious time and money!

What constitutes a 'Project'?

Well, it could be anything from making a cup of tea to building an Olympic stadium!

Clearly, there is an enormous chasm between these two examples; the former being quick and easy to process (by almost anyone) whilst the latter is extraordinarily complex and should only be tackled by true experts in modern stadia construction techniques.

Whereas moving to a new business premises and fitting out the offices to your company's exact requirements may not be quite as complex as building an Olympic stadium, each task does nevertheless require a similar level of specialised expertise to manage it correctly.

What Makes a Good 'Project Manager'?

Many in-house 'Project Managers' tasked with any one of the above mentioned responsibilities - often by ill-informed bosses on the grounds that "he/she has nothing better to do and we're paying their salaries anyway" or even an outsourced generalist Project Manager/Cost Consultant - on seeing such a shiny new project will attempt to apply their Project Management 'tool-kit' to manage the process. And although there is nothing inherently wrong with applying these structured processes to such a project, successful project management in these highly specialised fields is as much an art as it is a science.

For many inexperienced managers - who may never have lived through the experience before - it's a bit like trying to cross a minefield blindfolded - "you just don't know where the hazards are until you step on them"

Do We Have the Right Resources?

To find out whether you have the right resources in place to manage your next project try answering the following questions:

* Have I carried out a similar project recently of the same size and type?
* Do I know how to create an accurate outline budget?
* Do I know all the critical deadlines and how to meet them?
* Can I plan, budget, coordinate and implement the required works on time?
* Do I know all the mistakes to avoid?
* How will I know what the 'right' prices are when all the quotes from my suppliers/contractors look the same?
* How can I avoid employing 'cowboys'?
* Will I be able to unravel the 'industry jargon' used by my suppliers and contractors to ensure I'm getting what I'm paying for?
* Will I be able to find the time to manage all this alongside my normal 'Day Job'?

If the answer to just ONE of the above questions is NO then you need an outsourced expert such as WFA. Experience is the Key.

With more than 35 years' experience (many of these years spent working at the 'sharp end' as Interior Fit-Out & Refurbishment Contractors ourselves) including projects for many 'blue chip' organizations such as BT, esure, Heineken, Marks & Spencer, National Health Service Confederation & Sothebys as well as a host of lesser known names, WFA are expert at planning, implementing and managing ALL aspects of a business relocation, interior fit-out and/or refurbishment from start to finish - allowing clients to get on with what they do best - making profits for their own business!

Savings Guaranteed!

By sitting us down at the table - before any major decisions are taken - we would normally expect to be able to find savings of at least 10%-15% on any 'normal' market rates with savings of up to 20%, 30%, 40%, or more, once we're fully involved.

How do we do this?

We use our specialist 'insider' knowledge to first identify where initial savings can be made (e.g. multiple mark-ups on sub-contractors & suppliers by main contractors, retrospective 'discounts' on furniture from your interior design company, etc.) We then use this information to negotiate the best, most cost effective solutions on behalf of our clients.

Which savings of course more than cover our very modest fees!

With a 'million' other things like these to think of - with plenty of room for error if you're trying to manage the office relocation yourself as well as all the different suppliers and contractors - is it worth risking blowing the budget or employing 'cowboys' (or even losing your job) trying to go it alone?


Before taking the final plunge - and before it's too late . why not have a brief, no-obligation chat with one of our friendly, knowledgeable experts. Our experienced office relocation project managers and cost consultants will not only be able to point you in the right direction from 'Day One', they will also be able to advise on the most cost-effective and efficient means of arranging the move with the least amount of hassle & heartache for you.

No Charge For Initial Consultations! - References available.

For a friendly, helpful chat about how we can help you to avoid the many hidden pitfalls of an office relocation or interior fit out call us FREE on:

0800 458 6578 or email: info@whiteheadfrancis.co.uk

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